project for L.D. Machnáč /Jaromír Krejcar
instalation in Trenčianske Teplice

Schovat se pod rouškou tmy a dělat věci neviditelné *
(to hide under the drape of dark and do invisible things 
with Lucie Mičíková, Matúš Wiederman, Karol Filo, Martin Zajíček, 
film crew: Dušan Husár, Tomáš Košjar, Janka Suržinová, Miroslav Gerbel

* Honza Černá Krejcarová

THE collaboration with Lucie Mičíková starts
project When the peaks of our sky connect, our house will have a roof* begins
photo taken in gallery Svit, Praha 2014

*Paul Éluard/ Gaston Bachelard

Singing pylon
Biely kríž 2014

The orbits of the planets and the path of a cannon ball
performance in Mousonturm Frankfurt, DE 2015
gallery SODA, Bratislava, SR, 2014

text*, drawings (frotage inside of burnt sequoia), 2 video projections

*Appolonius who lived about 230 B.C. broke away from Plato`s rule and started to study curves we cannot draw with
a compass or a ruler. He focused his attention on studying three curves, which correspond with the boundary of a slice

of a cone. Two of them are ellipses representing the orbits of the planets. The parabola represents the path of a cannon ball. (Mathematics for the Million by Lancelot Hogbene - found in a sequoia grove in California).

A drawing illustrates the space that was created as a result of these two sections and it refers to the shape of a burnt sequoia. Burnt hollow cores of these trees used to be accommodated by original inhabitants of sequoia grove. But later, the intersection of observation of the orbits of the planets and the path of a cannon ball happend here.

Lead and follow
Ringturm, Vienna, AU 2014

A string is winding across the floor. It is mapping the space

of someone's passage. It reminds of a situation in a labyrinth. If I choose to follow the string's trajectory and make it back into a skein I am in fact passing through the labyrinth of the person who was here before me. Once it's only the skein
I am holding in my hands and the passing labyrinth is gone,
I will have to start mapping my own. 

Pro Rrózu /For Rrose
Am.180, Prague, Czech republic, 2013

The exhibition is inspired by main plot of the Aldoux Huxley´s mystery novel (from the book with the same name) The Gioconda´s smile. Instalation also follows the strategy of Marcel Duchamp´s piece L.H.O.O.Q., where the smile of Gioconda was the first impuls for the birth of a new portrait of Mona Lisa in intentions of manifesto of Duchamp´s ready made. The quotations of the titles from Duchamp´s other pieces wants to highlight the erotical overtone of key moments in novel.  For Rrose is fade-over of romantic reading about Rrose Sélavie and pedantic secret love of heroine Miss Spence (art collector with G´s smile) to married hero Mrs Hutton.  

Heal the world        
When this war ends, performance for SNG roof,  2013
performance with Lucie Mičíková

We sing the Michael Jackson´s  Heal the world on the roof of Slovak national gallery. 
Because of the narrow space on the roof and of the fear of heights we are obliged to hold hands together and be in line close to the wall. By this position we intuitively follow the choreography from Jackson´s videoclip of his song Cry, where different people are holding hands in a long continous line through field, hills, forrests, city, streets. Anybody else who wants to join us on the roof and sing with us, will automatically follow the same principle of choreography.