Pro Rrózu /For Rrose
Am.180, Prague, Czech republic, 2013

The exhibition is inspired by main plot of the Aldoux Huxley´s mystery novel (from the book with the same name) The Gioconda´s smile. Instalation also follows the strategy of Marcel Duchamp´s piece L.H.O.O.Q., where the smile of Gioconda was the first impuls for the birth of a new portrait of Mona Lisa in intentions of manifesto of Duchamp´s ready made. The quotations of the titles from Duchamp´s other pieces wants to highlight the erotical overtone of key moments in novel.  For Rrose is fade-over of romantic reading about Rrose Sélavie and pedantic secret love of heroine Miss Spence (with G´s smile) to married hero Mrs Hutton.  

Une étoile s´éteint    
Open studio in Karlin studios, Praha, Czech republic, 2013

"It will be like moving architecture" she says is a video and a site specific installation working with the view from a window (frame of a video) of the residential studio in Karlin´s studios. The title is a quotation from an interview with Anna Teresa de Keermaeker describing her piece Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich, where she firstly developed the work with minimal principles and her specific "architectural" language translated into dance on scene.
In the case of this video, the architecture itself is the first dominant element which creates a spatial organisation and a system for the site specific choreography.  

Une étoile s´éteint  /hommage a admiratuers de Pina/ is a video accompanied by poésie sonore from Anne - James Chaton.
The different dance excerpts are from Pina Bausch ´s choreographies, chosen by interprets as their favourite ones. The choreographic strategy is inspired by and follows the beat of Chaton´s textual beat. The whole composition resides in the tautological rapport between the choreography and the text itself.

Heal the world        
Kedy táto vojna skončí / When this war will finish/, performance for SNG roof, 2013
performance with Lucie Mičíková

We sing the Michael Jackson´s  Heal the world on the roof of Slovak national gallery. 
Because of the narrow space on the roof and of the fear of heights we are obliged to hold hands together and be in line close to the wall. By this position we intuitively follow the choreography from Jackson´s videoclip of his song Cry, where different people are holding hands in a long continous line through field, hills, forrests, city, streets. Anybody else who wants to join us on the roof and sing with us, will automatically follow the same principle of choreography. 

Mysl je sval/ Mind is a muscle, Meetfactory, Prague, Czech republic, 2013
curator: Viktor Čech

Yvonne Rainer´s hand movie & steve paxton´s priciples of contact improvisation for other hand.

ICH RUF ZU DIR /performance  
with Otvorené dvere, Cvernovka, Ateliér 12, Bratislava, 2013
Nu dance fest, A4, Bratislava

Ich ruf zu dir... is unfinished title of Bach´s cantata, which is the main musical motif of Tarkovsky´s movie Solaris (1972). The cantata served as a model for creation of five graphical scores – libretto to their music-dance interpretation. The intepretations of these graphic scores under the direction of Zuzana Žabková will be performed by the impro musical dance company Otvorené dvere (Open Door)

The Seventh seal 1957, -58, -65, 2013
Bergman, Kompánek, Ďurík, Žabková
Turčianska galéria, Martin, Slovakia
M(i)esto medzi pamäťou a nepamäťou
curator: Jarmila Kováčová

Video: 2´20´´ shots from Seventh seal (Bergman, 1957), edited by Zuzana Žabková
Poster for Seventh seal, P. Ďurík, 1965 /from the previous exhibiton TO BE CONTINUED... in Turiec gallery 
Suseda (neighbour), Kompánek 1957 -58 /permanent exhibition in Turiec gallery/

Kompanek´s statue Neighbour is turn back to the audience and takes over the movie role of the death. Selected movie scenes are connotation of visit to open-air museum (Skanzen) in Martin – they are focused to depict the folklore architecture and landscapes reminding Skanzen. Indirect physical link to the folklore in past is the statue Neighbour. The author of the movie poster was born in Turiec.
The confrontation of different pasts between authors is present throught the previous exhibition in Turiec Gallery (Ďurík), the permanent exhibition of gallery (Kompánek), own memories of last visit in Martin (graveyard, open-air museum, national museum, theatre) and remembering of the movie Seventh Seal.